Meeting place for local resilience

Bagarmossen Resilience Centre is a meeting place for transition, resilience, sustainability and local development in the border between the rural and the urban. 

We offer study tours and courses about resilience. 

What is resilience?

Resiliens is about the ability to recover and withstand disturbances. Our aim is to contribute with knowledge that makes societies more resilient. 

Our aim is to increase the knowledge about what makes societies more resilient. 

Who we are

We who work with local resilience.
We who work with local resilience.

Bagarmossen is a suburb of Stockholm. We are all local entrepreneurs with a wide variety of competences, living in the neighbourhood.
We are experts in sustainable local development, craftivism, process management, journalism, communication, architecture, urban planning, design, health and nutrition, environmental assessment etc. 

Study visits

We arrange study visits in Southern Stockholm
We arrange study visits in Southern Stockholm

If you and your organisation is interested in local resilience we can offer you workshops, seminars and guided walks in Bagarmossen were you get to know more about koncepts as the Bagarmossen Bike Kitchen, the forest garden of Bagarmossen and about our local cargo bike company. 

We can also arrange an interesting half-day or all-day study tour starting at our centre, continuing into a forest walk to the eco-district Hammarby Sjöstad including a tour on an electric boat. 

If you want to know more about our centre, please contact: 

Susanna Elfors: Sustainable local development: Susanna.elfors (at) sustopia.se.
Johanna Wickström: Architect: info (at) johannawickstrom.com 
Andreas Sidkvist: Webbdesign, interactive games for sustainability etc: andreas (at) sidkvist.se.
Erik Kropf: Design and illustrations: erik (at) kropf.se